Research Committees H1

Research Committees

The Knowledge Production Project (KPP) is a new search and data analytics platform. It provides educators and researchers with the means to visualize and correlate data, to develop syllabi, to share findings and collaborate with fellow scholars, and to demonstrate concepts and processes to students.

One of the goals of KPP is to create new pathways for learning. As the project develops, we will develop collective research agendas that engage the KPP platform. We will also produce educational resources utilizing KPP data connections and analytical tools and deliver them through ASI’s various publishing outlets.

As a starting point, we are in the process of establishing Research Committees that are based on disciplinary orientation, country/region, and topic. These research committees serve as focus groups, as conduits for refined quality control across all databases, and as incubators for research-based projects. They are integral to the development of a coding system that reflects the specialized knowledge of scholars with expertise in specific areas, allowing for more refined, analytically-informed searches to be performed while remaining accessible to a non-academic audience. The research committees maintain close contact with our KPP team, including those in charge of updating the databases in order to integrate any modifications necessary.